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Testimonials in Canton, IL

Bob's & Swise Towing & Repair in Canton, IL has received numerous reviews over the years from our satisfied customers. We believe it's important to hear what our previous customers have said about our work before you choose us. If you require more information, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide additional references of our work.
"You run a very professional business and I would highly recommend your services to ANYONE"
"Dear Editor of Readers' Forum,

We have just experienced our first highway breakdown, and it happened on a Sunday just after 6 p.m. some 250 miles from home. That is not all, we were 40 miles from the nearest towing help, with eight family members on board and only one quarter tank of water remaining. With a broken transmission cooling line, we were ‘dead in the water'.

Now the good news, our emergency road service answered our cellular call for help and, the tow arrived in about 50 minutes. Greg ‘Gallager' and his side kick quickly identified the location of the obscure line leak. While making no promises, ‘Gallager' said he would do what he could to get me going ASAP.

Now the better news, service work as completed just before midnight, after a 40- mile tow to Bob's Towing at Canton, IL. We were quite apprehensive, having not heard of Bob's before, but this ‘Gallager' was no comic. He and his sidekick traded in some of their professional business contact perks, arranging for a supply shop to open and make up the hose line needed.

Now, the best news of all, the labor charge was standard business hours rate, they were courteous, they were professional, they were quick and, above all, they did not gouge me, as I had prepared my wife that we ‘may be had'. This turned out to be a fun family outing that didn't end up on a sour note, thanks to Bob's Towing Service.”

- Betty and Ken

My car was stranded at Spoon River College and no one at AAA could seem to find a person to tow it but they could search and it might take 2 hours. A class mate of my daughters gave us the number for Bob's & Wise and they were there within 15 minutes and it cost me less than if I would have used AAA. Thanks so much helping. If I ever need a tow I will give you a call
– Jerry P.
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